Official New Lesson Material For The Three Broomsticks Team

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The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade are adding Ginger Ale to their menu so we made them some material for their staff! This video and infographic pretty much cover everything but here are a few of my own personal tips when it come to the JUGGIES :)

1. It's pressurized! I go super slow when first pulling the pour spout because I've definitely made a mess of myself pulling it too fast!

2. The pressure will go away after opening the freshness valve on top and pouring a couple glasses. Keep the freshness valve on top closed when not in use, the JUGGIES will stay fresh! 

3. Again, always close the freshness valve! NUFF SAID! 

4. It's not required, but I clear out some space in the ref or freezer when I know I have JUGGIES scheduled. It helps keep the beer fresh and cold. Especially overnight if you don't plan to finish the JUGGIES the same day you get them.

5. Just don't leave in the freezer for more than 12-16 hours as it may freeze if the freshness valve on top isn't closed TIGHT!

6. Have you noticed a lot of this has to do with the FRESHNESS VALVE? Hehe.

7. That's all! Go forth and drink!





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