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What is a JUGGY?

An insulated, easy-pour, mini-keg of delicious craft beer.

What sizes does it come in?

We’ve got the 5-Liter JUGGY, and the 2-Liter BUGGY

Do I have to put it in the ref before I can start drinking?

Not at all! Your JUGGIES will arrive extra cold, pressurized, and ready to drink. Just pull the tap very slowly at first beer to avoid any spills!

How long will it stay cold?

JUGGIES will stay extra cold for up to 8 hours and will remain cold the following day.

Is the craft beer safe to drink after two days?

Yes! Your beer will stay fresh for up to 72 hours as long as you keep the Freshness Valve® tightly sealed when not pouring the beer.

Freshness Valve?

Yup! It’s this little thingy on top of your JUGGIES that keeps your beer fresh when you aren’t pouring it. To increase beer flow, unscrew the valve… just don’t forget to close it!

Does putting it in the ref do anything?

It certainly doesn’t hurt to store it in a refrigerator overnight if you plan to have leftovers, but a freezer will have a better effect. We suggest consuming your JUGGIES the same day you get them!

I've finished my JUGGIES… Now what?

Order more silly! Give us a ring and we will send someone to come pick up the empty JUGGIES at your convenience. Once we confirm the pick-up we can kindly send your product deposit back!

Product Deposit?

A 1,000PHP deposit is charged per Juggy at checkout for your first JUGGIES order. After your first order, you are eligible to join ‘The Philippine Craft Kings Beer Club’ which will grant you discounts, exclusive releases, and the privilege to order JUGGIES without placing a deposit.

When will I get my JUGGIES?

Our website will prompt you to select a date and time! 7 Days a Week 8AM-8PM

How do I get my deposit back?

We can return deposits through Direct Bank Transfer, Paymaya, GCash, & Paymongo.

Do you deliver to my area?

If you live in Metro Manila or close by then we most likely deliver to you! Delivery fees for ‘one order’ range from 200-350PHP depending on location. Our website will take care of the thinking for you!

Where can I see the JUGGIES in action?

Hit up our: Web | IG @thepckph | FB @thephilippinecraftkings

Anything else?

Nope… go forth and drink!

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