The Man Behind The Beer: Robert Pfingsten

bacuit bay bock lager limited edition

A little bit more about the man behind the beer in his own words... Robert Pfingsten!

"I arrived in El Nido 15 years ago on a small banca from Coron. When we reached the dock in El Nido, I told my son that at some point in my life I had to live there.

Nine years and three countries later, I finally got an opportunity to move to Palawan. I spent 3 years designing and building Banwa, formerly know as Kaliksi Private.

When I finished my work contract I intended to build a brewery with my son in Aberawan outside of El Nido, but Paleco never made it.

We had flown over Liminangcong in the Kaliksi helicopter before and one Sunday afternoon we decided to go have a closer look and immediately fell in love with the little fishing village. On the way out of town we saw an old weathered sign "Bodega For Sale" We inquired and within a couple weeks had bought what would eventually be completely rebuilt into Bacuit Bay Brewhouse.

We try our best to make unique beers that blend western styles with local flavors and ingredients making complex yet balanced brews. We are right next to the port so it's really easy for us to deliver ice cold beer to Manila. We maintain cold chain quality to ensure that our beers are fresh and delicious when The PCK delivers them to your door! Tagay!"⁠

Thanks for all your hard work Robert!

Support your local brewers and take a vacation to Palawan without leaving the comfort of your own home! Stay tuned for more information about the delicious Bock Lager and a tease of our upcoming release schedule...⁠ 🍺⁠ Promo Runs July 23 to Aug 6, 2020 | Registered Corp. Drink Responsibly. 18+ ONLY.⁠

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