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The Crows Full-House Pack

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How awesome can this deal get? Just for a limited time, get a chance to bring home The Crows Full-House Pack this holiday season!

Bring home the limited edition Crow's Barrel-Reserved Gin with 1 bottle each of the Crows Pale Ale, Carte Blanche, Mala Hierba and the best-selling De Puta Madre!

The Crows Barrel-Reserved Gin

What happens when Crows Gin is allowed to rest in a medium-charred American oak barrel? A smokey aromatic spirit worth waiting for. We distill Crows premium gin with a blend of 23 botanicals, we let it rest in medium-charred American oak barrels. The notes of juniper combined with citrus and spicy botanicals along with the caramel sweetness finish from the American oak create a flavor that's very unique, but very familiar. Definitely enjoy neat.

The nose possesses toffee and caramel sweetness with hints of spice. The first sip is sweet and full with a hint of citrus and spices. Mid-palate shows the true gin characteristics of juniper, spicy cardamom and coriander in the background. 

The finish is long and sweet spice-filled with oak notes.