Out of Town Pack

Out of Town Pack


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Discover the Philippines by taking a beer tour with this fun pack! Find your favorite Out of Town Beer from different iconic provinces of the country!


Bottle Variants:

  • Baguio Craft Brewery Zigzagger
    • Location: Baguio
    • Beer Style: Triple Hopped Double IPA
  • The Cebruery Dumaguete Dubbel
    • Location: Cebu
    • Beer Style: Dubbel
  • The Cebruery Chocolate Hills Porter
    • Location: Cebu
    • Beer Style: Robust Porter
  • Cerveza Sagada Sa Eng 
    • Location: Sagada Mountain Province
    • Beer Style: Pine Pale Ale
  • Cerveza Sagada Konig
    • Location: Sagada Mountain Province
    • Beer Style: Turmeric India Pale Ale
  • Crazy Carabao Kalinga Kolsch
    • Location: Sta. Rosa
    • Beer Style: German-Style Kolsch
  • Crazy Carabao Exit Wounds
    • Location: Sta. Rosa
    • Beer Style: India Pale Ale
  • Illusion Brewery Cream of Smiles
    • Location: Bacolod
    • Beer Style: Vanilla Cream Ale
  • Illusion Brewery Saludo
    • Location: Bacolod
    • Beer Style: Negrense Pale Ale
  • The Laughing Carabao White Mango Ale
    • Location: Tarlac
    • Beer Style: Mango Wheat Beer
  • Monkey Eagle Brewery Burning Matt
    • Location: Tagaytay
    • Beer Style: American Pale Ale
  • Monkey Eagle Brewery Saison
    • Location: Tagaytay
    • Beer Style: Saison