Beer Bros.

Going way back to the good’ol days of our High School era, surviving throughout the years, starting as faculty delinquents that slept, ate and cut classes. Drowning down the night with our video gaming sessions and clinking our first glasses in cheers to one hell of a night of “team no-sleep”, bathroom-living and wicked hangover the day after. And we kept it going strong ever since.

The Beer Bros adhere to the principle “Everyone deserves an ice-cold beer to get away from their woes” but we don’t mean those rudimentary drinking staples. We’re talking about those of class, above the bourgeois, that will definitely take you to a different class.

Simply, the Beer Bros is a group of individuals enjoying a little vulgar bantering every now and then, true-blooded gamers by heart and soul, ballers any day of the week and just your average genuine people.

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